About The Live Love Wag Team

The Live Love Wag Team From Left to Right: Jen Larsen, Dixie, Hank, Zoey, Mo, and Alli Aman

Alli Aman, Realtor for Dog People

Alli was born in Texas but her family roots run deep in Colorado. She moved to Denver in 2004 after graduating from Baylor University. She purchased her first home in the Berkely neighborhood over 10 years ago and adopted Zoey from the Boulder Humane Society shortly afterwards. Zoey is 10 years old but still up for any adventure and keeps up with the young pups! She is stubborn and independant but also sweet and fun-loving giving her a funny and well-rounded personality. Alli and Zoey recently opened their hearts and their home to a sweet pup in desperate need of rescue after a rough start to life. Captain Mo as they lovingly call him, has found his forever home in Alli and Zoey and is loving life in Colorado thanks to Hope for Paws Colorado and Lucky Day Animal Rescue. 


Jen Larsen, Realtor for Dog People

Jen was born and raised in Wisconsin but has called Denver home for the last 12 years. She lives in a bungalow near Sloans Lake with her husband and two pups. Life completely changed for Jen when she adopted Hank in 2015 from the Colorado Puppy Rescue. In addition to a new adventure buddy, she gained a faithful companion, and a new outlook on life. Hank is constantly teaching her about how to better listen, better communicate, and to appreciate each moment. An opportunity came in 2017 to return the favor in the form of a perfect companion for Hank. Dixie is a fun-loving, sweet, silly, sassy girl who spent her whole first year of life being passed up in various shelters before rescuing her forever family. Jen and Hank are forever grateful to Hope for Paws Colorado for getting her to Colorado and to MaxFund for making the connection that would lead to her adoption.