Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a community of dog owners, dog lovers, dog businesses, and dog charities that we can grow and nurture, adding value through professional service, volunteer service, events, and information for our dog families.

About The Live Love Wag Team

The Live Love Wag Team knows how important your dog is in your life and every decision you make. Of course they are a big consideration when buying or selling a home and we get it! We feel deeply connected to the pet community and love nothing more than helping pups and their families find the best home. We also know that selling a home can be difficult for dogs and we strive to minimize that stress. We love ALL dogs, even dogs who don’t have a home and we are committed to helping rescue organizations with our time, our voice, fundraising efforts, donations, and volunteer service. We hope you’ll join and participate in our community even if you aren’t ready to buy or sell a home right now. Remember we are here when you are ready to make a move in the future.